The Joker Trojan attacks Huawei smartphones

Joker malware is a threat to Android devices. This time it targeted Huawei smartphones.

The remote portable Trojan Joker communicates with the command server, which takes care of its configuration – so that the virus runs smoothly between processes occurring in the background. The virus formation engages the user and offers him payment. All this by intercepting SMS notifications, which in this case are used to confirm appropriate payment. To make matters worse, the Joker is changing, and many versions of the Joker are now traded all over the web with different operating modes, Bleeping Computer reads.

So far, Joker has mainly run on the Play Store, plaguing unaware users. Unfortunately, all software has also started spreading to AppGallery – an app store belonging to the Chinese company Huawei. The Joker has hidden behind virtual keyboards, camera apps, and sticker collections. The researchers noted that before the virus was recognized and removed, it could have been downloaded up to half a million times by users.

Who will be next? It is very likely that Joker attacks iOS devices. Predicting software operations now appears impossible.

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