The last formalities left! Fans protest their “bleeding” in the new format of the Champions League

The European Club Association (ECA), which has more than 250 members, approved the planned reform Friday Champions League. Thanks to this, there is nothing stopping the UEFA Executive Committee from making a final decision on it. The EU authorities can breathe a sigh of relief that, at least for a while, plans to create a Super League consisting only of Europe’s biggest clubs have been postponed.

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Phil Foden (Manchester City) had an unfortunate accident on his social media team after a match against BVB in Champions League 1/4.  Source: AP / TwitterPhil Foden is angry with his people. It was about bothering the Paris Saint-Germain star on Twitter

New rules in the UEFA Champions League from 2024. Expansion to 36 teams. Fans are against changes.

Scheduled repair Champions League It will come into effect in 2024. It assumes a farewell to the previous classic eight groups of four. Instead, one big group 36 will be formed. In this part of the tournament, each team will play 10 matches – half at home and half away. The top eight teams on the table will advance directly to the 1/8 Finals, and 16 teams will face the remaining eight places in the 1/8 Finals in the Qualifiers.

Fans are the most opposed to the reform. Recently, 17 fan groups from 14 ECA owned clubs such as Ajax Amsterdam, Borussia Dortmund Whether, if Real Madrid He sent a special message to the president of the federation and at the same time the president of Juventus of Turin, Andrea Agnelli, opposing the planned changes. “Reform will only widen the gap between the rich and the rest, destroy national calendars and force fans to spend more time and money,” the letter said. “ Over the past year, we’ve been supporting our clubs unconditionally by buying permits with no hope of attending matches and paying for a TV license to watch matches played in empty, soulless booths as you work behind the scenes to find new ways for us to bleed. We demand that you abandon your reckless plans. Fans said firmly that we call on the football authorities to stop making concessions to elite clubs and stop interfering to protect the future of football.

Haaland's huge financial demands!  The English club immediately withdrew from the negotiationsHaaland’s huge financial demands! The English club immediately withdrew from the negotiations

Bild also reports that the English, apart from the supporters, have been opposed to reform for a longer period Premier LeagueWho was worried about not having deadlines. There are 38 national lines and two cups played in the United Kingdom. Ultimately, the Premier League authorities also approved the changes after negotiating additional seats in Champions League. Two of them will go to the Premier League, which also means promotion to the LM team from the 5-6 spots.

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