The “Mouja and Ouda” program last month to apply

Only until June 10 this year. It will be possible to submit electronic applications to the regional funds for environmental protection and water management in the second framework, and to terminate employment in the “Moga Wooda” program – by informing the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The “Muga Woda” program is an initiative aimed at mitigating the effects of drought in Poland and reducing the risk of floods by building home facilities to stop rain water. Each owner or partner in a single-family home may receive a subsidy of up to 5,000 PLN. PLN, but not more than 80 percent. Eligible costs to be incurred after June 1, 2020

Until May 7 this year. 14,5 thousand zlotys were transferred to the provincial funds. Applications with a total value of more than 69 million PLN, of which 68 percent. The budget for the 2021 call for proposals in the amount of PLN 100 million has been exhausted.

We are pleased with the great success achieved by the first version of the “Moga Waddah” program. Nearly 24,000 Polish families have been actively involved in preventing the drought. The owners of these families decided to take advantage of the subsidies amounting to 5000 Polish zlotys, but most importantly, they invested their own money in building a house keeping facility, and this is the best confirmation that we have allies in the idea of ​​facing drought, and realizing the benefits of storing and using rainwater – confirms the Minister of Climate And the environment Mikhail Cortika.

In turn, the deputy head of the National Trust, Artur Lorkovsky, indicates that the second employment should allow for co-financing of 20,000 other homes to keep and another million cubic meters of water per year in the domestic facilities. Thanks to this, we lighten the sewage system and reduce the risk of floods caused by heavy rains.

Voivodship Money will accept online orders until June 10. There will be one month to confirm these requests by submitting your application on paper. We assume that applications submitted during these deadlines will exhaust the available budget of 100 million PLN, and therefore all applications submitted will be properly funded by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management – confirms Vice President Lorkowski.

The purchase, installation, construction and operation of facilities that allow the collection, preservation and use of rainwater and melting snow in the properties covered by the project are eligible for co-financing under the “Muga Wooda” program. Co-financing can also be provided to purchase and send water collection devices to the reservoir, as well as the reservoir itself and the facilities that distribute the collected water on the plot.

Applications must be submitted to voivodship funds for environmental protection and water management prior to project completion. The minimum eligible investment amount is 2000 PLN. The minimum total capacity of the tank (s) is 2 m3 (if requested). The duration of the project is 3 years from the date of its completion.

Source: Ministry of Climate and Environment

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