The movie “Forgotten Traces in the Woods” is available online

The popular science documentary “Forgotten Traces in the Woods” about archaeological research in the Polish part of Biaówija Forest can be seen on YouTube.

The film shows the hitherto unknown past of the Biaia Forest, from an archaeological or historical research perspective, using the latest non-invasive technology, especially LiDAR technology.

The film consists of, among other things, external shots of the nature of the Biaowiea Primeval forest, fieldwork recordings, as well as data from a multidisciplinary team of scientists, along with numerous visualizations illustrating the results of the research and footage of the artifacts discovered as part of the research – the actors informed the film team in the statement The journalist.

The film’s authors focus on the viewer’s interest, among other things, showing the scientific workshop of the archaeologist and the specialized laboratories and offices where specimens and relics are subject to detailed research, preservation and documentation. The viewer also has the opportunity to learn about the latest research technology – from aerial surveying, through to ground scanning, to the use of 3D microscopy in the field (in excavation and documentation). The dominant idea of ​​the film also shows the interdisciplinary interdisciplinary of this type of research, in which the efforts of specialists from the frontier are, among others, archeology, history, forestry, soil sciences, paleontology, anthropology or geomatics, remote sensing, geophysics, etc.

The results of the research presented so far were presented, among other things, at the conference that summarizes the project in 2019 “Archaeological Heritage in the Polish Part of the Biaowieja Forest – Summary of the Results of Inventory Research”, and was also initially published in Polish journals, for example Report 2016 / ed. NID (, as well as in the reviewed journal “Remote Sensing” ( / 2072-4292 / 12/16/2657) or “biological conservation” (

The document was created as part of a project funded by the General Directorate of State Forests in 2017-2019. The film’s lead producer is the Hereditas Foundation and Forest Research Institute (consortium leader), and the executive producer is the All Art Foundation. The film was directed by Marta Kudzela – author or co-author of such productions including. “Dying Species” (2016), “Na Szlaku Natura 2000” (2013), “Map of the Dying World” (2016).

The online broadcast is available on the state forest’s YouTube channel at:

PAP – Science in Poland

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