The Netherlands is easing restrictions and opening swimming pools and theaters. However, there is a catch

In April, the Dutch government announced that it was easing anti-epidemic controls. Among others, theaters, museums, swimming pools and zoos. The famous Kyugenhof Flower Garden has also opened. However, there is a catch – visitors to these places should be tested for the presence of the corona virus.

Currently, cultural institutions and entertainment venues in the Netherlands are closed, and restaurants and bars can only sell to take away. In turn, only two people who do not live together permanently can meet in the open, and only one guest can stay in a private apartment. There is a curfew order from 22:00 to 4:30.

However, this will change soon, as the Dutch government has announced that some restrictions will be relaxed in April.

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The Netherlands is easing restrictions and opening swimming pools and theaters

The Netherlands has decided to conduct an experiment to see how certain sites may function during corona virus infections. According to the portal, a few days ago The list of facilities that will open in April has been released. This includes theaters, zoos, swimming pools, museums and theaters.

What’s more, the famous Kyugenhof Park is already open on Friday, One of the largest flower gardens in the world. 1.5 million tourists visit every year.

However, to go to the places mentioned above, you have to meet a certain condition. Online registration required And shows a negative corona virus test. Only the results of the test performed on site at specially designated points will be taken into account. The test is free and you can get the result after an hour.

It is worth noting here that the Dutch Hospital Association (NVZ) expressed surprise at the planned relaxation of controls introduced in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic. Doctors say hospitals are bursting at the seams and criticizing the government’s plans.

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