The PSG soccer player went crazy! Two penalties and one ball for Manchester City

Paris Saint-Germain The meeting started brilliantly. In the 15th minute, Marquinhos scored a 1-0 goal, Mauricio Pochettino’s players still prevailed and Marco Verratti missed a great opportunity after Neymar’s pass. In the second half, Manchester City climbed, although they did not create good chances, but in the 64th minute they equalized unexpectedly – Kevin De Bruyne’s cross confused everyone and the helpless Keylor Navas fell into the goal.

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“Courtois kept Real alive. The rematch is very difficult.”

After seven minutes, the visitors came forward: Riyad Mahrez scored from a free kick. The wall helped him a lot with this Paris Saint-GermainThe ball passed through.

Paris Saint-Germain footballer “disappointed himself and his teammates”

Paris Saint-Germain’s nightmare turned into reality in the 77th minute when Idris Gay was awarded a red card for making a foul on Elkayo Gendogan.

“Jay’s mistake is terrible. Terrible,” “For such a segment, apart from Red, it should be like basketball. I kicked a penalty and a ball for City,” he wrote on Twitter. – Stupid mistake !!! He and his team have been disappointed – writes Jan Aggurtoft, a former representative of Norway.

This was Gueye’s second red card in this edition Champions League. This “milestone” was achieved by six other players, including:at. Zinedine Zidane or Edgar Davids.

Return meeting City of Manchester Paris Saint-Germain (2: 1 in the first) will be played on Tuesday 4 May. A day later we meet the second finalist: Chelsea Will take Real Madrid (1: 1). The final will take place on May 29 in Istanbul.

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