The release date for AMD’s upcoming Radeon GPUs is November 3

If you thought AMD’s announcement of its next-generation Radeon GPU designs was timed to coincide with Nvidia’s RTX 40-series reveal, think again. The company’s Radeon head, Scott Herkelman, announced via Twitter to “Save the Date” the release of the RDNA3 platform on November 3rd. A new generation of desktop and laptop cards, as well as next-gen integrated graphics like the RDNA2 chips that power the Steam Deck and other portables, should provide this.

Even less is known than the time of Nvidia’s announcement, which is less than an hour from when this was written. However, AMD’s recent advertising suggests that the company will prioritise efficiency over raw, number-crunching power. Just yesterday, a blog post was published that bragged about AMD’s current lineup’s performance-per-watt ratio and talked up the company’s upcoming transition to a 5nm fabrication process.

New high-end flagship cards will likely be unveiled, with a release to retailers slated for later in the year. Though the desktop GPU launch is exciting, I think the integrated graphics side of the equation will be even more so in the long run. While AMD and its rivals can spar over core counts and polygons, the real growth potential lies in portable hardware like the Steam Deck and laptops with integrated graphics capable of running high-end games. With the Ryzen 6000 series, AMD has officially entered the competitive scene, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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