The Russians plan to build their own space station in orbit. “If President Putin agrees”

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Replace the battery in the International Space Station. The astronauts participated in a 7-hour space march

Construction of the International Space Station (ISS) began in 1998 by connecting the first modules together, and the permanent crew has been living there continuously since 2000. So the station is old and many things started to fail for some time. More recently, the Russians They struggled, among other things, with tiny cracks through which air escaped from the International Space Station.

A few days ago, the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos announced that it would only support the International Space Station until 2024. Further support, according to the Russians, is questionable due to the repeated failures of the International Space Station. However, the Russian agency will conduct a technical examination of the station and make a specific decision about its future on the International Space Station.

Russia wants to build a national space station

It now turns out that the failure rate of the International Space Station may not be the primary (or at least not the only cause) of the planned abandonment of an international station. It is true that the Russians would be happy to build their own space station, but this is the first time that they have talked about it in an open way.

How to bring Reuters, Russian politician Dmitry Rogozin and President of Roscosmos announced at the same time that the agency plans to build a national space station and put it into orbit “if President Vladimir Putin agrees.” He added that if this could be achieved by 2030, it would be a “colossal breakthrough”.

Rogozin stated that there was “a marked willingness to take a new step in exploration of inhabited space” and added that Russia It does not rule out allowing other countries to conduct joint space research, but the station itself should be Russian. “If you want to do it right, do it yourself,” he said. According to unofficial reports, Russia plans to spend 6 billion on the project Dollars.

The International Space Station is the product of the actions of a total of 17 countries around the world and one of the areas of close cooperation between Moscow and Washington – reports Reuters. Perhaps it is not without significance the fact that relations between the two countries have been deteriorating for some time. Just like the fact that Dmitry Rogozin is a politician known for his nationalist and anti-Western views.

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