The Swiss army shot dead a restaurant in Liechtenstein

Wars, occupations and invasions “just don’t happen”. Hannibal did not accidentally cross the Alps, did not go on a voyage when Paul Guinness defeated Ali Beck’s army at Fred Field, and Napoleon wondered what his army was looking for Borogino. Accidental occupations have created many absurd situations like this in current events, biographies and more recently.

Boston Castle

There was a time when Canada posed the greatest threat to the United States. For example, during the Anglo-American War of 1812, British troops withdrew from Canada, eventually looting and setting fire to the White House in Washington two years later.

After the defeat of Washington, President James Madison decided to fortify the Lake Sampline area, which was the first invasion route for the British. A fort was planned on the shores of the lake, which would prevent further looting incidents.

Fort MontgomerySource: Wikipedia

They wanted to design 10 meters high walls for the fort and equip it with 125 artillery. In 1816, construction began after the end of the war, and progressed for two more years. However, the surveyors realized it The American fort planned against Canada was accidentally built in Canada – In the territory of the country where they wanted to defend themselves. The boundary line was a mile away.

The Americans immediately stopped construction. The fort was nicknamed Wrong, and the locals began to scatter stones. Until 1842, under a British-American treaty, the border was changed so that the fort was no longer in Canada. At this point, the project was relaunched and Fortune Fort became Montgomery. The building is in private hands today.

The invader who regularly runs to his neighbor’s house is Switzerland

Located 160 square kilometers in the Liechtenstein Rhine Valley between Austria and Switzerland. In the mini-state, letters were long taken to the Liechtenstein addresses by the Swiss Post, where there was no army, so Switzerland took care of its security. Liechtenstein is a sovereign state, but very small, even those who do not want to attack and occupy it.

Liechtenstein is protected by the Swiss armySource: AFP / Sebastien Bozon / Sebastien Bozon

At the forefront is the Swiss Army, its chief bodyguard. In Swiss artillery training in 1968 They were accidentally shot across the border and collided with a missile at the only ski resort in Liechtenstein, Malboun. The fact that the Swiss really wanted to improve the performance of the cannons meant that some of the chairs on the terrace of a restaurant were destroyed by that restaurant. He was not injured.

In 1976, 75 Swiss soldiers misunderstood the map and accidentally marched on the village of Raden in Lirtenstein. The locals offered a drink to the invaders.

Swiss-Liechtenstein borderSource: Wikipedia

In 1985, during a winter Swiss military exercise, anti-aircraft missiles collided in Liechtenstein and set fire to a forest. The incident caused diplomatic controversy for several weeks because of the forest’s natural presence. Switzerland eventually offered compensation.

In 1992, the Swiss army set up a laboratory in Triesenberg. Due to the absence of the municipality in Switzerland the attention of the Swiss authorities leading the operation was avoided. The Bern government apologized to Liechtenstein and the lab was demolished.

The last Swiss invasion took place in 2002, when 171 Swiss soldiers were lost in night training. And 2 km to Liechtenstein. When they realized the mistake, the unit quickly turned around. No one in Liechtenstein noticed this incident. The next day, they learned from the Swiss Foreign Ministry that they had been re-occupied. The commander of the lost Swiss regiment described the incident as “very dark”.

Britain attacks Spain

In 1704, the British captured Gibraltar, the British crown colony from 1830. In World War II, Hitler did everything he could to involve Spain in a side-by-side battle, but Franco remained neutral, not even noticing the presence of the British on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Gibraltarians decided to become citizens of the United Kingdom in a 1967 referendum. However, the British government was careful not to provoke the Spaniards because Madrid still denied contact with the region. Thus, in military exercises in Gibraltar, the Swiss model is gradually observed without error.

British soldiers in military training (interpretation)

But good intentions seem to be lacking for the soldiers. In 2002, the weekend of February morning Residents of the Spanish city of La Linia say 30 British Marines are lying in the sand on their shores, waking up to the presence of machine guns and landmines. There is a British landing motor ship near the beach. During a press exercise showing the capabilities of the British Army, the Marines attacked the coast at dawn. Soldiers expected the Marine Corps to always win, occupy the beach, and shoot them indiscriminately by the “guards” in control of the area before proving they could be photographed or drinking beer in the camp canteen.

Instead of the guards’ fire, stunned Spanish fishermen waited for the troops. Soon two sleepy Spanish policemen arrived and told the commander that they were not in Gibraltar. A local police spokesman later commented on the incident, saying “such a mistake is very strange.”

Disappointed Englishmen climbed out of the sand, got on a motorcycle and traveled to find the real Gibraltar. According to the public in La Linea, this could not have been harder because one could easily identify a rock 425 meters high.

Locals say the 425-meter-high cliff is not difficult to recognizeSource: AFP / Jose Louis Roca

The British Ministry of Defense called the case embarrassing, but the perpetrators were not convicted because, as the anonymous British ambassador said, “everyone learned from this case.”

Occupation in the center of Europe: Polish army in the Czech Republic

In May 2020, during the first wave of the corona virus epidemic, the Polish government also deployed the military to deal with the situation. At the Silesian-Poland-Czech border, soldiers assisted border guards, but slightly delayed the mission.

Location of the Polish occupationSource: Google Map

Ivo Tokobil, a Czech engineer who wanted to inspect the renovation of a small church near the city of Belheim, was shocked. He ran into a Polish roadblock – on the Czech side. “A soldier from a foreign country, with a machine gun in his chest, advised me what I could and could not do in a foreign language in my own country. It was a dream experience,” Tokobil said.

Czech engineer runs into a Polish roadblock in the Czech Republic (illustrated in our picture)Source: Hans Lucas via AFP / Pierre Le Tulzo / Hans Lucas / Le Tulzo Pierre

The Polish occupation was documented by a photographer in a local newspaper. Members of the invading forces occupied the Czech Republic from the Czech police, who quickly removed the roadblock and retreated to their home country. The incident was not considered “hostile” in Prague.

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