The tomb of the Swedish bishop hides a sad secret

A team from the University of Lund reportedly examined Bishop’s bones X-ray examination revealed that the swelling between the man’s lower legs was that of a human fetus. Researchers soon found an answer to the question of why a small child is hidden in the grave of Peter Winstrap. Experts examined the remains of the resting place in Lund Cathedral and the history of the bishop’s known relatives, and the data show that it may have belonged to Peter Winstroop’s grandson.

The study demonstrates Study Basically, the toddler is a 5-6 month old boy, probably not yet born. Team leader Dorbonne Ahlstrom said young children of the era have been placed in coffins with adults. The researcher believes the embryo may have been placed in the cemetery later, after it was already a valuable resting place for Lund Cathedral. According to cathedral records, the children were actually buried in the building.

At the same time, placing a fetus in a bishop’s coffin is already rare. Ahlstrom and his colleagues soon began to suspect that there may have been a relationship between the deceased.

Experts from the University of Stockholm also joined in the study of the remains. The study revealed that there is a secondary relationship between the child and the bishop. Their Y chromosomes were identical, but their mitochondrial origin was different, suggesting that the relationship was paternal.

Based on this, it seems that uncle and son-in-law, grandfather and granddaughter, half-siblings, twin relatives may be resting in the grave – the latter means that the brothers of one family are cousins ​​when they marry another nephew, so the children born from two marriages are twin cousins ​​to each other. If we examine the history of the Winstrap family, the most likely explanation is that the child was born.

Peter Peterson’s story turned out to be very tragic: he lost his family gardens, died in poverty, and with his death the male branch of the Winstrap family perished. It may have been symbolic that he placed his son in his father’s grave.

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