The UK has ordered an additional 60 million doses

The UK appears to have ordered an additional 60 million doses of Pfizer vaccine. All this in order to strengthen the National Autumn Immunization Program.

In total, the United Kingdom ordered the production of 100 million doses from Pfizer / Bioendech.

As part of the government’s plan, those in the 9 high-risk groups will need to get additional vaccinations before winter.

At the moment, almost 2/3 of the UK population is vaccinated, 1/4 of whom received two doses of the product against Govt 19.

According to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the autumn booster is expected to keep everyone healthy as the world begins to control the virus.

The government insists that additional vaccines be used as part of the preparation of the booster vaccine program.

The government’s announcement that a single dose of the vaccine reduces the risk of transmitting the virus by almost 50% is similar to what the UK has announced.

Matt Hancock points out that this is the first serious evidence of how the vaccine affects the spread of the corona virus.

He adds that there are 517 million doses of various vaccines in the UK that are sufficient to vaccinate the entire population of the country.

Work is currently underway to evaluate the suitability of the Jansen and Novax vaccines, which have successfully passed the period of clinical trials.

Yesterday, there were 2,166 reported cases of cowpea in the UK. 29 people died. The country continues to decline in Govt 19 infections, although new mutations in the corona virus are a cause for concern.

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