The Witcher – Season 2 with an introductory release date. Netflix confirms the good news

“The Witcher” is one of the series that the pandemic has been a major challenge for. The creators were forced to stop working in the following episodes twice, which left an imprint on the platform’s initial assumptions. However, customers can rest assured – new leads will be released with Geralt in the lead role in 2021.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos confirmed that COVID was one of the factors that influenced the company’s plans. In the fourth quarter of 2021 we will see, among others: “The Witcher”, “You” and “Cobra Kai”:

“In the first part of this year, many projects that we had hoped to release earlier have been put on hold due to post-production delays and the pandemic. We think we will return to a more stable state in the second half of the year. Certainly, the seasons of some of our most famous productions like The Witcher, You, and Cobra Kai are in Q4, but also some of the big movies appearing on the market a little later than expected, like Red Notice and Escape From Spiderhead. “

Viewers can expect the second season of “The Witcher” from October to December. But with that in mind Work on the set was completed in early April, They should be ready to debut at the end of the year. Netflix, as it did in 2019, might succeed in December, and the hasty words of Ted Sarandos should reassure him who feared that Geralt’s return this year would be impossible.

It should be noted that work on the group “The Witcher” began in February 2020, but soon stopped. Delays in recording forced the cast to reshuffle, and while Henry Cavill was able to recreate Geralt’s look in August, production was halted again after just three months due to the crew’s multiple COVID-19 cases.

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