These apps have been discontinued from Google Play. It is a good idea to uninstall them quickly [najnowsza lista]

Unfortunately, almost every day we are exposed to our data being leaked. To reduce the risk of losing data or money, it is worth checking the Google Play pull app database regularly. These are the apps that have been reported and deemed dangerous for users, and unfortunately, they will not be automatically uninstalled from our devices. We have to take care of it ourselves and remove it. We have prepared for you a list of apps that are better not to install!

We use many applications every day on our smartphones and tablets. Many of them make our life easier. We have quick access to couriers, email or bank account. In addition to the basic apps, we have a number of those that are used for entertainment, sports or household chores.

What are the risks of dangerous apps that have been stopped by Google Play?
Hazardous applications can:

  • It steals our data from the phone,
  • Display intrusive ads,
  • Violate our privacy

Google controls and removes apps added to the Play Store after violations are reported.

Some, however, already have them on their phones. Therefore, it is worth checking if we haven’t downloaded any dangerous programs.

These apps have been discontinued from Google Play. It is a good idea to quickly uninstall them – the list

Find out which apps you can have on your phones that have been removed from the Google Store. Details and the latest listing are in the gallery below.


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