They wanted to copy Tesla, but it’s so engrossing now – it’s German comedy

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At age 66, changing someone’s name is unusual, but we are always spiritual. Introducing the Volkswagen, the name is similar to the Volkswagen, but the focus is new, electric driving.

Approximately with this news, Volkswagen released on Monday, which was also confirmed in the news on Tuesday, sending a press release to journalists around the world about what is changing in the company.

Almost globally, it has gone all over the media, and even those who now know who lived under a gravel in a cave in Azerbaijan already know that there are Volkswagen electric cars. In addition, there was communication from the buttons (if you ignore a big oversight penalty for a moment now, but we’ll talk about that later).

At first glance, the news may seem like a joke in April, but as it was confirmed by the team, We also wrote, But I told my colleagues to give it a 5 percent chance that it was some kind of German joke, so let there be a conditional way in the article, “if the news is true” phrase and so on. Anyway, as far as German comedy is concerned, you can say this, but it was done in the American VW, but no one should seriously think that someone in Wolfsburg interacts with the group’s American activity without nodding.

The good thing about everything is that the media, which has taken itself a little more seriously and dropped the original news, is re-writing about it, and it is its dog’s duty to write that it’s all funny.

It has traveled at least twice as far around the world as Volkswagen takes electric driving seriously.

Then, of course, if a bird acts like a duck, it swims like a duck, and howls like a duck, it has been proven again and again that it is a duck. The media around the world was well offended by the story, and Volkswagen apologized for the bad humor.

Control the memes

Who knows who will be the CEO of Toyota, Volkswagen or Stellandis! And Hyundai? The first three may go to those who handle the automotive sector on a regular basis, but the fourth is even harder for them. (Resolved in the order of Akio Toyota, Herbert Dice, Carlos Tavares and Lee Von-Hee)

Who was Tesla’s first man? All right, all right.

This will be known even to those who have never owned a car or a car and do not know the CEOs of the world’s largest companies.

Anyone who has seen Elon Musk’s online work in recent years does not need to show that it is somewhat trolling, meme based, and one might think that it’s torn millionaire bored, but he’s not. He is very knowledgeable about what Musk is doing.

He was released by Elon Musk last summer Subject sentence:

The one who controls the memes controls the universe.

Remember Tesla’s new model, the CyberTruck, was on display again when it broke a window that was supposed to be unbreakable in front of the eyes of millions of interested people. Not once. Twice. It turned out to be a day of remembrance.

Why is this important? Because everyone is talking about Musk and Tesla, without even paying a dollar for Kasturi. Musk does not believe in paid advertising and marketing campaigns, which is reflected in their advertising costs. Volkswagen closes. They are now trying their wings on the free track.

Free advertising

Traditional car makers are one of the biggest advertisers in the world, and they are on every surface, whether it be print, online, social media or TV sites, and even if you watch the Champions League or NFL finals at the latter, try to be there during the Super Bowl break.

However, Volkswagen also stands out among them, which is clearly illustrated by who would spend the most money on advertising if not the world’s largest carmaker, but it is also true that the company is trying to build strong positions on almost every continent, and therefore global marketing. And costs a lot.

How exactly? In recent years, this amount is typically between 5 5-7 billion, and the group’s sales revenue is between 200 200-250 billion, meaning that marketing-related marketing costs account for 2-3% of revenue. The Volkswagen brand alone spends about $ 1.5 billion a year on marketing, with 25 percent from 2015 to 2020 spent on digital channels, with the goal of improving the performance of potential customers with the most targeted, personalized ads. Nearly 50 percent, i.e. the group continues to spend heavily, and the mix has shifted to digital channels as well.

So this is a lot of money, especially at a time when, in wars with brutal unions, management has to engage in knife-to-knife discussions over a few hundred million spending cuts.

In the meantime, what about Tesla?

Tesla practically does not spend on marketing or related online channels, but Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram are still full of musk and Tesla. Tesla crashes, ignited cars, etc. (Actually, how many crashes about the ignited Volkswagen have ever spread on the web?) In many cases, the news is not even good.). The thing is, the news is about them, and the newspapers are full of them. New vehicles, a Tesla factory under construction, online car sales or building a charging network can cause a headache without them having to spend.

It is worth noting here that Tesla has been operating at a loss until recently, and its profits over the past few quarters have largely been due to sales of sold CO2 payments, so even though it has to spend on advertising, it has not come out so much. Daily interest in this topic: Reuters reports today that Volkswagen will buy a quota from Tesla in accordance with the emission rules.

Monkey habit

It’s not a question of Volkswagen seeing what’s happening at Tesla, they’re trying to copy everything that works there:

  • A Tesla Battery Day-T Sour? A Volkswagen Power Day!
  • Tesla Building Gigafactory? And then Volkswagen too!
  • Is Tesla a joke on Twitter? Then VW!

The VW leader is also trying to copy Americans and compete with Musk on Twitter. Dias first posted on Twitter in mid-January this year, immediately opening up with a giant and saying he was also here on Twitter to take Musk’s market share. They seem to be paying close attention to Musk in Volkswagen and trying to be a place where every American is on every route. Diaz has something more on Twitter, with 28,000 Germans and 50 million followers for Musk. The difference is slightly larger than the market value of the two companies.

They also interact with the stock market

Elon Musk was not accidentally contacted, so when, since Tesla was a listed company, he relied heavily on the capital markets. For example, if the company wants to issue another share, it does not matter where the share price stands. Musk has done a lot to raise Tesla’s stock price, and has made the company more valuable than all the other automakers listed. Let’s take a closer look at what Musk has already said about Tesla’s exchange rate, i.e., the Hungarian market surveillance would not have gone without a penalty, but Musk already had a lawsuit filed by the local authority S.E.C.

What is Volkswagen doing in the meantime? As an old-fashioned, conservative company that has not yet done much verbally to raise prices, traditional companies disable companies are talking about numbers instead, performance in table numbers, investors will determine how much the company is worth.

Until now. As with other areas, Tesla has begun to copy the stock price, and Herbert Dice, CEO of Volkswagen, recently spoke openly about the need for the group to be more valuable in the stock market, with Volkswagen currently having a market capitalization of $ 140 billion.

However, Dice says the group is valued at $ 200 billion.

Why is this important?

The automotive industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation, the transformation of companies is costly, development costs are brutal, they can be partially funded from relevant sources, for example, the issue of shares, so it does not matter where the exchange rate stands.

Another important feature: to fund growth and change, you can choose to sell or list some of the 12 brands of the Volkswagen Group. It does not matter how much value the whole group has, what price the whole company revolves around, it will have to negotiate how many of its parts will be sold or listed on the stock exchange.

Many times it was too expensive

The fake announcement and marketing campaign could even plunge the group into US stock market oversight, as VW’s humor also had a stock market impact, with prices soaring to 4.7 percent on Tuesday, which Volkswagen announced on Tuesday, a group of global investors are pleased he is still rolling out marketing Takes it seriously at all levels, and with this marketing campaign the news has definitely reached many.

We may remember that there was a similar, but even tougher story than the Tesla. In 2018, Musk posted on Twitter that the company’s finances were protected and that the company was listed on 20 420 (LOL). No funding, U.S. No oversight, it was later revealed that SEC fined Musk and Tesla $ 20 million.

Cover image: Hannibal Hanschke-Pool / Getty Images

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