This could be the end of the International Space Station. Russians are wondering about her fate

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Space March 1, 2021. Astronauts complete the battery update and camera installation on the International Space Station

Construction of the International Space Station (ISS) began in 1998 by linking the first modules together, and permanent crew have been living there continuously since 2000. This is a unique example of international cooperation (including. United States of AmericaAnd the RussiaAnd European countries and others) and the only place outside Earth where humans can live now.

This could be the end of the International Space Station

Unfortunately, according to unofficial information, the life of the International Space Station may end. As reported by TASS (Russian state news agency), Roskosmos (Russian Space Agency) intends to support the International Space Station only until 2024. What’s Next? This is not yet known.

According to TASS, no specific decision has yet been made. April 12 issue of the International Space Station Discussed But in the meeting with Vladimir Putin, no decisions were made. Only the Russians decided to conduct a thorough technical examination of the station and decided to abandon or extend support for the International Space Station.

But the technical requirement is – at least formally – the reason Russia is considering abandoning it. Roscosmos explains that the plant has been struggling with an increasing number of failures for a long time, and this is expected – after 2025 – to grow exponentially. This, of course, would pose a threat to astronauts and greatly increase the cost of keeping them in space. This view, Tass adds, is shared by the administration of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

It should be noted that in the past the Americans had plans to leave the International Space Station, but funding for the station was eventually extended. What is the future of the International Space Station now? Perhaps other stations (national or international) will appear in their place. We will have to wait for more information for now.

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