This is exactly the fourteenth retirement age. Below are the current accounts payable [lista – 21.04]

14th Retirement Pension – Retirees can count on this additional benefit in 2021. Many of them wonder when and what money appears in their accounts. Benefits will vary in amount for some retirees. See What You Need To Know About Retirement Plus!

President Andrzej Duda affirmed that thanks to the retirement age of thirteen and now the fourteenth, retirees will be able to live a more dignified life.

It was a commitment that I can say is my commitment to vote. Therefore, I would like to thank you for having successfully implemented it in the first year of the term of office – he said

The so-called fourteenth benefit will be paid in November in the amount of the minimum old-age pension (then the total amount will be 1250.88 PLN). Not everyone will receive the same amount, because the law establishes a gross income limit of 2,900 PLN.

These people will receive the fourteenth pension. The amounts in retiree accounts will be different!

The 14th pension is another annual cash benefit for pensioners that the Law and Justice Party government has promised. For the first time, the “Fourteen” will be paid in 2021.

The full fourteenth pension of this amount will be available to them Those whose total pension does not exceed 2,900 PLN. If someone had a higher pension, they would be “fourteen” less correspondingly.

This is the fourteenth retirement – pay scale

For benefits over 2,900 PLN, the “PLN versus PLN” rule will apply.. what does that mean? See payout tables in the gallery below!


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