This is what Ada Szulc from “X-Factor” looks like today! (photo)

There is Szulc She appeared in Polish show business with the first release of The Musical The Q factor. In 2011, Ada got into the show Up the lastIn the end, they lost their rivalry Mishaw Szpak I Genkim Losco. Until then, she has already mentioned that living in constant light from her spotlight is not her.

I didn’t know what to do on my own after the program. The singing gave me great joy, however I never found myself in the world of celebrities. I’m tired of flashing lights, And popular – overwhelmed – She said in the interviews.


Despite this, in 2012, she released one single, titled Great love Promotion of the movie with the same title. Later, after a long hearing Ada Sazulk Lost. Interestingly, in 2017, she and her Helolove team tried to qualify for the Eurovision selection. Unfortunately, it did not work.

Since then, Ada has focused on development in a completely different industry. As we can read on the web, he worked for several years at a Krakow-based company creating mobile apps for banks.

However, Ada Szulc is still active on social media. Thanks to Instagram we can see how 10 years after his debut X-factor The singer has changed. You have to admit that It has already undergone a major transformationAnd in some of the photos it is almost impossible to recognize.


See for yourself. Do you still remember Ada Szulc?


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