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An educational institution where you can combine science and passion for sport? Yes, this is possible! This option is offered by Nowy Sącz’s fourth public sports high school. If you can’t imagine a day without physical activity, and connect your future with sports, then this school is just for you!

Choosing a high school is a very important moment in any student’s life. By deciding on a particular facility, we can actually define what we want to do in life. Sometimes the choice is simple. We have specific interests, and we know, for example, that we love the humanities more. We will also link our future to a related field. However, sometimes, we’re just not sure what we’re going to do in life. It also happens that we dream of merging two or more different class profiles, because we do not want to abandon any of them. What’s Next? If you dream of a sports career and want to combine school education with sporting activities, 4th Liceum Ogólnokształcące Sportowe im. Saint Kinga in Nowy Sącz. What makes them different?

The fourth lo
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IV Sports High School in Nowy Sącz: What can I offer you?

IV Sports School is the only sports school in the area. The facility cooperates with several clubs from Nowy Sącz and the surrounding area. The high school can take pride in the science and sports sponsorship of Nowy Sącz’s State Vocational High School. The facility has a rich offer, thanks to which everyone will find something for themselves. Athletic training takes place at High School No. 4 only with professional coaches in the following disciplines: boys ‘football, girls’ soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, handball and individual sports. The schedule of activities every week includes 10 hours of exercise. These are not only the above-mentioned majors, but also incl. Biological Regeneration, Sports Dietetics and Fitness.

The fourth lo
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The big advantage of High School No. 4 is the small number of classes, thanks to which more attention is paid to the work of each student. The school also has well-equipped material laboratories. Additionally, high school education takes place in only one shift. Sports lessons and exercises end at 16.30. This gives you the opportunity to develop extra passion and more time to conscientiously prepare for the next classes. The best students can additionally count on scholarships and mathematics. The school promotes talent with great pleasure. The facility approaches the athletic career of each individual student.

Few classes and one shift schedule aren’t the only advantages of Nowy Sącz High School No. 4. The facility has the best sports facilities and base in the area. Close to the high school there are attractive recreation areas, a swimming pool, ice rink and gyms. Within the school there is also a well-stocked shop and a restaurant that serves delicious meals.

The fourth lo
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Fourth secondary sport, and then what?

Nowy Sącz’s fourth sports school has been educating future athletes for years. Students and alumni of the school represent Poland many times in many sports. They participate in both national and international competitions. After graduating from the fourth sports high school, you can continue your education in the following areas:

  • Training (also personal trainer)
  • teachers
  • Recreational and tourist
  • Rehabilitation
  • Emergency medical services
  • Athletic Director
  • And those related to security: police, military and firefighters

If you are a sports fanatic, you cannot imagine a day without physical activity or dream about a sports career, then this school is for you! More information about the fourth high school sports can be found at Nowy Sącz at // The social networking site Facebook Or on The site of the institution.

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