To Italy only with a pass

Italy is opening up to tourists. “Book your vacation in Italy, we look forward to you,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Tuesday, addressing his countrymen and foreigners. The call came during a meeting of the G20 tourism ministers.

The head of government announced that from mid-May, a special permit will be activated in Italy, allowing travel and holidays.

“The world wants to travel to Italy, and Italy is ready to welcome the world. I have no doubt that tourism in our country will flourish stronger than before,” Prime Minister Draghi said at the press conference at the conclusion of the G20 ministers meeting.

The Prime Minister said: “Thanks to the Italian passport, tourists will be able to travel from one country to another without quarantine, provided that they prove that they have recovered from Covid-19, have been vaccinated, or have a negative test result.”

He believed that there should be “clear and simple rules” for returning tourists to Italy.

“Our mountains, beaches, cities and towns are opening up, and this process will accelerate in the coming weeks and months,” Draghi added.

Experts from the National Institute of Health Care report that, for the first time in 20 years, Italy did not experience a flu pandemic this year. The seasonal flu pandemic has replaced the coronavirus pandemic, and personal protective equipment has been discontinued.

Antonio Bella of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Health Services noted that a particularly severe flu season was expected last fall, along with the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2. On the other hand, he confirmed, for the first time in two decades, that there had been no mass cases of influenza.

Every year in the fall and winter seasons, its virus attacks 5-6 million people in Italy, and nearly 10 thousand die as a result of various complications – the expert noted, citing ANSA.

“This disease has simply disappeared,” he added.

Bella, whose mission is to monitor influenza cases, explained that it has been replaced this year by the dominance of the Corona virus as part of the phenomenon of “competition” between viruses. But he indicated that the use of personal protective equipment against Covid-19 also contributed to no major infections.

As another factor, the virologist reported the dramatic increase in influenza vaccination. 14 million people have adopted it; Much more than in the years before the pandemic.

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