Training pensions. New retirement age only with fixed capital [zasady, propozycje – 19.04.2021]

Before the elections, President Andrzej Duda promised, among others, to introduce apprenticeship pensions. The project has fallen somewhat into the hierarchy of ideas to be implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, there are organizations that remind you of new pensions.

Solidarity supports the idea of ​​pension changes and the introduction of training pensions. Andrzej Duda mentioned internship pensions in an interview with “Wprost”. Pensions will depend on the length of service. It will be 35 for women and 40 for men.) Currently, there is a minimum in effect in Poland since 2017 retirement age – 65 for men, 60 for women).

Training pensions with specific capital only?

As the media indicated, the president’s revolutionary idea will particularly affect those who start work early. Women who work at the age of twenty can retire at the age of 55! For “training” to make sense, “Solidarno” wants to enter an additional condition – patron The share capital at the end should allow for a 120 percent payment. The minimum pension.

President Doda’s promise was not forgotten by the National Alliance of Trade Unions. According to the portal, trade unions have handed their own project over to the president with Dr. Hubb’s expertise. Rysard Zarfenberg, A. From the University of Warsaw.

New retirement age. When can internship pensions be entered in Poland?

Unfortunately for those interested, the idea of ​​introducing work-related pensions stalled for some time. It was said that the draft on this issue will go to the House of Representatives in December 2020, but it has remained silent so far. The president’s advisor to trade unions writes that she is maintaining her pension stance. And I add, on President Duda’s office, there are many new pension projects being analyzed.

But when do you expect a decision to be passed and a bill submitted to the House of Representatives? As it turns out, not soon. reports that Pawis Szrot, Head of the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland, wrote to OPZZ that submitting the bill to Parliament by the spring cannot be guaranteed. The most important thing is to fight the epidemic.

As reported by Tygodnik Solidarno, President Piotr Duda presented to the President Solidarity’s proposals regarding legislative solutions to introduce pensions and declared that the Union would not abandon this assumption.

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