TVN Discovery Group prepares a new “success”. On the new reality show, gays will be fighting for “The Prince.” is working in collaboration with Jake Vision on the Polish version of the gay dating format “Finding Prince Charming”. The program will be shot in the summer in a strange country, and the search for participants is now underway – to inform the portal

As the TVN Discovery Group press office explains to the portal, the coordination is to “educate, change stereotypes and open us up”. What stereotypes will he break and what entertainment will he provide?

Finding Prince Charming is a program created in 2016 for an American cable network. Thirteen homosexuals participate in it … competing for one called “The Prince” in the program. You’re supposed to be a “handsome rich man looking for love”.

The group is transferred to a villa where “individual and group appointments” are carried out.

According to the portal, it is not yet known under which title the program will enter the Polish market. Currently, the producers admit that they have neither participants nor a “prince”. Posting lasted for 2 months and candidates were searched on Instagram. The show will be filming in Mexico this summer.

According to the producers’ assertions, the show alludes to the previous “hit” of the station “Kawalera na si,” in which a group of women competed for a wealthy bachelor.

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