Twitter is not working. More and more crash reports (update)

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Bowie Hickman

“Something went wrong, but don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Let’s try again” – this message is displayed to Twitter users from 2 pm.

Serviceable Downward detector There are more reports of Twitter failing for several tens of minutes. The problem is logging in, but some have reported problems responding to entries and website freezes.

The number of requests has already exceeded 700 and is increasing every minute. Interestingly, Twitter also failed last night. Just after two o’clock, a detector at the bottom of the screen showed several hundred notifications of service problems. The problem appears to be only with the desktop version of Twitter.

There are definitely fewer apps on Android and iOS smartphones. There are also many indications that the failure is not just related to Poland. There is no shortage of reports from outside on the mobile versions of Twitter. It’s worth noting that the residents of the United States felt the worst at night from the failure. The number of requests exceeded 5000. However, the issue was resolved after 30 minutes.

Update, hours. 15:40.

Everything seems to indicate that Twitter is back to normal and that the issues have been resolved. The reason for the failure is not known.

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