Unemployed but insured. New government idea

The government wants to cover the unemployed with health insurance. This is a new idea for the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology. It leads to the fact that every Polish will receive free health care. Regardless of whether he is working, he is retired, retired, or unemployed.

There are three reasons for the idea of ​​the Ministry of Development, Labor and New Technology. The first, officials explain, is Return to normal. The important point is that every Polish can use state health services if necessary, without first having to obtain certificates and documents.

The second is Make unemployment statistics more realistic. Today, many uninsured people register as unemployed while they are looking for a job. All this is insured.

The third reason is purely practical. Today, many unemployed people are added to working family members’ insurance, while others, such as the homeless, do not pay hospital bills anyway. Hence the idea of ​​the ministry for change.

Currently, the right to medical care is only granted through insurance related to employment or business management, registration with a broker or social welfare center, or adding a family member to insurance.

Poland continues to suffer from one of the highest inflation rates in the European Union

The Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology announced this In March 2021, registered unemployment in Poland reached 6.4 percent. Compared to February, it was a decrease of 0.1 percentage point. According to Eurostat data, turn Unemployment in Poland is the lowest in the entire European Union at 3.1%.

In February, unemployment in Poland was the lowest in the European Union



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