United States. Has Russia secretly attacked American soldiers with an energy weapon?

  • Over the past few years, there have been attacks using force directed at American soldiers and officers
  • A driven energy attack uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy, including strong radio waves or microwave devices and particle beams
  • Attacks take many forms: from disrupting the functioning of electronic devices to permanent damage to pain and health.
  • Symptoms are known as “Havana Syndrome” and include ringing in the ears, deafness and balance disorders, fatigue and persistent headaches and brain damage
  • So far, the attacks have affected US spies and diplomats, but the Pentagon investigation aims to eliminate similar incidents against US troops in Syria.

Original article on the POLITICO.com website

The U.S. Department of Defense is investigating last year’s incidents. Four former national security officials say some of them targeted soldiers stationed outside the United States.

Earlier this year, Pentagon officials reported in writing to at least two groups of key congressmen. POLITICO spoke to congressional officials, who also received reports of suspicious attacks due to their peculiarities under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense.

These explanations provided information on injuries to U.S. troops in Syria. According to two sources, the investigation involves an incident in Syria in the fall of 2020, in which several soldiers showed flu-like symptoms.

After the article was first published, General Frank McKenzie, head of the Middle East and Central Asian Forces (SENCOM), told a Senate Armed Forces Committee meeting that there was “no evidence” of such attacks against Central American troops.

A Pentagon spokesman declined to comment on the Pentagon’s contacts with Congress and internal investigations.

Cases of suspected Russian attacks with energy weapons aimed at Americans have become more troublingThe Pentagon’s Office of Low-Intensive Special Operations and Conflict opened an investigation last year. It is not known exactly how many soldiers were killed or the extent of the injuries.

A spokesman for the director of national intelligence declined to comment.

Americans are worried

The current investigation is a continuation of several agencies’ efforts to investigate attacks on U.S. soldiers and officers with targeted energy in recent years.

By the end of 2016, nearly 50 people had registered Symptoms of a mysterious disease known as “Havana Syndrome” among US diplomats in Cuba. These symptoms include severe ringing and pressure in the ears, deafness and imbalance, fatigue and persistent headaches. Some of the victims suffered chronic brain damage.

Energy attacks against US spies and diplomats are well documented. The CIA recently set up a special task force to investigate the matter. But little is known about the latest Pentagon initiative to explain similar incidents involving soldiers.

The circumstances of these events are not clearAnd investigators faced a number of problems in delivering a specific type of weapon and suspected attacks to the country.

A driven energy attack uses highly concentrated electromagnetic energy – including strong radio waves or microwave devices and particle beams. Attacks take many forms: from disrupting the function of electronic devices to permanent damage to pain and health.

A State Department-appointed report released in December pointed to “directed pulse radio wave energy” as the most likely cause of “Havana syndrome”.

Suspect Russia

Doubts about Russia arose when President Joe Biden confronted the increasingly aggressive Moscow.

Last week, he introduced a second round of sanctions against cyber-attacks and interference in US elections. But these sanctions did not include an attempt to block Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. At the time, Russia had amassed a record number of troops on the Ukrainian border.

According to three former national security officials who took part in the mission, the investigation turned into a wide-ranging debate involving the National Security Council, the CIA, the Foreign Office and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Congressmen who have access to high-level intelligence, known as the “Eight Gang,” have been reported to be suspected of attacking Americans in Syria with Russian-directed energy weapons. Two sources who knew the case directly confirmed that a similar conference had taken place in the Senate Armed Forces.

Congress officials who reported the incident say the Pentagon believes the attacks are natural, similar to the attacks on Americans in Cuba, but are reluctant to equalize.

Senator Jim Inhof, the highest-ranking Republican in the Armed Forces, told Politico that he was waiting for more information.

– I know we need to have a discussion, an informal conference. Honestly, it will be secret. So we’ll wait and see – he said in a short conversation. Inhoff did not want to go into any details about future work in this regard.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, vice president of the Senate Intelligence Service and a member of the “Eight Gang”, expressed concern about Russia’s aggressive behavior in the Middle East.

– I think this is a question. Besides, we have seen these attacks on diplomatic facilities. I do not want to combine the two, but I can not comment on any of these, he said.

Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal of the Armed Services Commission has refused to confirm the details of the Syria-directed energy interpretations.

– Many things were explained to us in a secret meeting. I think the American people deserve to know more, ” he added.

Pentagon investigation

The alleged attacks sparked the Pentagon’s investigation. The officials of this ministry decided that Russia was responsible for them. But the formal nature of the crime is complex because the symptoms associated with the use of directed energy may come from other causes.

Another challenge is that investigators can not always find devices that are smaller and smaller.

Authorities suspect that a former national security official told Politico that, in one case, he was the victim of a force directed by a Marine in Syria. But subsequent Pentagon inquiries concluded that its symptoms were due to food poisoning.

Jeffrey Lewis, a professor at Middlebury, which handles technology in the national security sector, said the topic could be difficult from an intelligence perspective.

– The problem is, we saw it in the case of the embassy in Cuba, but to be honest on many occasions in recent years, it is difficult to understand why people get sick if we do not find weapons or do not have the technical means to detect them there. Are there some special rays in a particular place – he said.

– We still do not know what is happening at the embassy in Cuba. People have been telling us all these symptoms for years, and the question is: Were they the target of the attack? Are some of them hearing aids? You do not know – added professor. Lewis.

The official statement from the US government on the matter is also questionable, and as a result, former director of the Pentagon’s Office of Performance Testing and Assessment, Bill Goel, is cautious.

– I find it very difficult to do. Goyal said it was harder than killing American soldiers with bombs and bullets. – The advantage of such an imaginary weapon is that the culprit cannot be found. No one can say who said who appears to be in Syria. We only know that the players are unwell and we do not know if it was food poisoning or something else. So we cannot blame the Russians who were part of the problem in Cuba.

Authors: Betsy Woodruff Swann, Andrew Desiderio, Laura Celikman and Erin Banco

Editing: Mikas Proniotovsky

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