United States. Pix Aliu, US Embassy Charge de Affairs on Polish-US Relations and Nort Stream 2

My opinion is in line with Washington’s policy. The Nord Stream 2 is a threat to Europe’s energy security, said Charge de O’Frey at the US embassy in Poland. Pix Aliu answered questions from Internet users in Polish. The diplomat agreed, among other things, that, in his opinion, makes Poland unique.

Pix Aliou, as Charge de Offerers, currently runs the US Embassy in Poland until Georgette Mossfatcher steps down and appoints a new ambassador. Until now, Aliu has been the vice president of the facility. On Saturday, the US embassy released a post in which an ambassador answered questions from Internet users in Polish. “I hope my Poland is not bad,” wrote Aliou, who shared the post on social media.

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“A threat to Europe’s energy security”

One of the questions related to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. – Of course my opinion is in line with Washington’s policy. Nord Stream 2 is a threat to Europe’s energy security. I totally agree with the President [Joe] Biden said North Stream 2 was a “bad idea” [zły pomysł – red.] Said Ali.

– The United States will do anything to prevent this from happening. We recently took another step and imposed a series of sanctions on Russia. We take it very seriously and agree to charge de offers.

Nortstream 2 carries 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually from Russia to Germany. As of early April, 95 percent of the pipeline had already been laid, according to the project company. One of the key points of contention in German-US relations over the years is the North Stream 2. The United States is concerned that Europe will become more reliant on Russian gas and wants to halt the project with sanctions.

Pix Aliu on Poland-US relations

Pix Aliu on Poland-US relations

The ambassador was also asked about Polish-US relations. They are “very strong and.” [odbywają się – red.] In many fields. “- For example, in terms of security. Our soldiers have been training in the East for many years [NATO – red.] Hand in hand. Last year, we signed up Agreement on Advanced Security CooperationIt deepens this collaboration – he said.

– We are working closely to strengthen Poland’s energy security. (…) US LNG has been supplied to Poland for many years. We are working with Poland to introduce nuclear energy as a safe and clean source of energy for the poles, he said.

He also drew attention to Polish-US economic cooperation. “US companies have already invested more than $ 63 billion in Poland and created thousands of jobs,” he said.

Pix Aliu on Poland-US relationsUS Embassy in Warsaw

“I’ve been here many times for a reason”

In his opinion, when asked what makes Poland a special country, Aliu said, “I do not think there will be enough time to talk about everything that makes Poland unique.” – I’ve been here many times for a reason. Poles are exceptional people. Hospitality, open-minded. You have a difficult history behind you, full of suffering, but full of courage and the struggle for freedom – he added.

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