UOKiK President has initiated proceedings against TeleGo

UOKiK’s President, Thomas Crostney, has initiated proceedings against the TeleGo telephone company; The entrepreneur might mislead consumers, for example claiming to be the current operator – inform the office. The company’s activities may be of significant interest to the elderly – he added.

“The TeleGo operator may mislead consumers. Consumer complaints indicate that company representatives may pretend to be the current operator. Tomasz Crostney, president of UOKiK, has filed proceedings against the entrepreneur” – the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection announced in a statement.

As reported by UOKiK, TeleGo from Warsaw provides telecom services in fixed and mobile networks, internet access services and telematics services.

The office has received many complaints indicating that company representatives who contact consumers to propose to conclude a contract and then visit them at home may indicate or suggest that they represent the current telephone operator. Consequently, consumers may be convinced that the conversation and documents presented to them relate only to changing the terms of the contract with the supplier. Current and not conclude a contract with the new operator “- explains the office.

Another objection – as UOKiK explains – is not providing consumers with an advertisement or withdrawal form, which could – in the opinion of the office – make it difficult for them to withdraw from a contract concluded outside the company’s headquarters. UOKiK noted that some complaints show that company representatives never leave signed documents at all or hand them over late, so consumers cannot verify with whom and what agreement they signed.

“Consumers may not have received from TeleGo representatives complete and reliable information about the offer and the entrepreneur with whom they signed the contract. The complaints show that the signing of the documents was usually done in a hurry, and consumers were not able to read the full content of the contract. A particularly vulnerable social group, ” explains the head of UOKiK.

As reported by the bureau, if the allegations are confirmed, TeleGo could face a fine of up to 10 percent. Annual yield.

UOKiK stated that in the past the bureau chief punished telecom companies for impersonating the current operator, for example PGT (Telefonia Polska Together), Telekomunikacja Cyfrowa, Twój Telekomunikacja, Nasza SA, or Telestrada.

The office announced that in December 2020, the Court of Appeal confirmed the decision in the Novum case. In the decision, the head of UOKiK stated that Novum misled consumers in several ways including: asserting that the connected consultant is an employee of the incumbent operator with whom the consumer entered into a contract and imposed a fine in excess of 480,000 PLN. UOKiK also added, in October 2019, TeleGo acquired telecom services from Novum.

UOKiK would like to remind you that if, for example, you enter into a remote contract, you can withdraw from it without giving reasons within 14 days. This is called the right to reason, enabling the consumer to become familiar with the good or service and consider the reasonableness of the purchase.

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