Fidesz MEP, who escaped from an illegal party in a canal last November. A television company took action with police when Joseph Zujer was arrested on an alarm.

The Belgian television channel VTM will present a report on Thursday night in which Fidesz politician Joseph Zujer, who escaped from an illegal sex party at the end of November last year, was arrested but met with one of the incoming police patrons on the street. The man captured on the street was brought to the attention of police by a passerby who thought Eves had climbed down and was walking with a thief. The channel crew was also with this cop, who was already in the picture Preview Published by Head Lotte News.

Several police officers, surrounded by a prisoner on the street, set up with their hands raised against the wall, searched and interrogated. The man identified as Mouth in the video was wearing warm pants, a dark jacket and a rainbow-colored knit hat. He was asked if he needed an ambulance as he sustained a minor injury to his left arm while fleeing, but the MP did not respond. He gave a negative answer and was later informed that they would go to his apartment, which could indirectly prove himself with documents. An ecstasy pill was found in his bag and the person said it was not his.

The report for the “right-wing Nationalist Party” and Victor Orban’s confidante, who opposed the equal rights of homosexuals, called on European MP Joseph Soger.

Violating the rules of the crown, a homosexual party of more than twenty people was organized illegally, for which all participants and organizers will be punished, and Suzer will be prosecuted for a drug offense.

Following the incident, Joseph Zujer released his E.P.

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