US sanctions should be tough. The Kremlin threatens with an irreversible reaction

Prohibitions on US banks buying Russian bonds From the central bank, the state-owned Ministry of Capital Finance and Finance said the ruble will affect and affect the Russian economy, Reuters quoted Piton’s administration as saying. The set of sanctions is designed not to adversely affect economic markets.

– The extent of retaliation depends on how the Kremlin responds to sanctions, which will “increase tensions” – an official told Reuters.

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The AFP quoted a representative of the US administration as saying that some of the sanctions imposed on Moscow would remain secret.

Axios wrote that the amount of retaliation decided by Washington was calculated to make Russia feel its actions economically. Previously imposed restrictions did not have the expected effects.

Sanctions, Which will take effect on June 14, will make it difficult for the Russian government to raise funds in the financial markets.


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has pledged to be ready to use any tool necessary to guarantee the financial stability of the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has threatened that the Kremlin’s response to US sanctions will be “irreversible,” and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that Russia would respond to them “on a reciprocal basis” – informing the BAP.




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