Valeria from “Love Island” is not like herself. It has undergone an O-transformation

After “Love Island” ended, Waleria decided to undergo a transformation. I went to the hairdresser, who ordered me to change the color and extend the strand.

Now she is an attractive blonde! Almost immediately fans began to believe that she did it for her partner, Pyotr, who assured from the very beginning of his stay on Love Island that he preferred women with fair hair.


Sure, many people have experienced trauma after seeing Valeria in New Poetry. This is without a doubt a very drastic change. Who knows, maybe Valeria will strive to become a “pure” blonde one day.


Love Island. Did you do it out of love?

Even netizens are convinced that she decided to take such a step with the love of Piotrek. And whenever she increased on the same day, she met her sweetheart after a week of separation. The boy came to Warsaw.

“Comes to my mind – Piotr prefers blondes and that’s the reason for this change. But I’m not maliciously saying it. You look pretty Valeria”, “Wooo firecracker, you like this blonde. Piotrek will probably get crazy more,” Nice, but in Black is better. ”“ Very cute, long curtains would also be a big hit, ”“ Wow, ”Instagram users wrote.

In the end, Valeria herself pointed to the speculation of Internet users. And she confirmed that she changed her hairstyle with her lover.


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