Vistula. Footballers who moved from Wisa to Legia

They were threatened, challenged, and left the cursed Krakow. They were drawn to the capital with money and beautiful visions of football, but it turns out that Wawel’s curse still works … Here are the quirky stories of the players who turned Vistula into Legia. Today the Legia – Wisła match will take place at the 15th, Interia report.

Before, it was out of the question, because Weswa took what she wanted and how much she wanted. In Reymont, players had a stove behind the stove, and they could not be tempted to live in the capital, or even less with money. However, a lot has changed in recent years, and when Legia really wants someone out of Vistula, they usually get it.

Fans from Warsaw can laugh at the poorer Vistula players in recent years, but history shows that in the end, the Krakowians can laugh as well.

In the 21st century, four players went straight from Wisa to Legia, but none of them were in the opposite direction. It started innocently enough, because with the departure of Konrad Handzlik, then 18 years old. Of course, Wisła wanted to keep him at home, coach Tadeusz Pawłowski drew a development plan for the young boy, but Legia’s vision of football backed by solid profits means Handzlik decided to go to Warsaw without any major dilemmas.

There, however, he did not make his way into the team, he was loaned to Zagłębie Sosnowiec and did not make his debut in Legia’s first team. Later he played with Olimpia Grudziądz, and today he cannot make his way to the Warta Pozna team. After all, Handszlick admitted years later that changing the Vistula to Legia turned into a leap into very deep waters.

Soon after, Radosław Cierzniak decides to change Vistula to Legia. It is true that with Raymont, the goalkeeper returning from foreign travels had a strong position, but in terms of stature, that was not a slap in the face in Krakow.

Cierzniak hadn’t played in Wisła a full season, so he was treated like a mercenary. However, the story ended with him in a way that was tasteless and very painful for the inhabitants of Krakow. When the then-club authorities discovered (with Marzina S as president) that Sirzeniak had already signed a contract with Legia, they did not want to talk about a previous transfer, but did take the goalkeeper to the reserve. So he did not wait long and filed a lawsuit to terminate the contract. Effect? The football court agreed with him and the contract was terminated for the club’s fault.

Today, a small consolation for Wisła fans might be the fact that for more than 5 years Cierzniak has played only 19 matches for Legia and is currently the number 3 goalkeeper on Łazienkowska Street.

As time passed, Wisła fans began taking stronger and stronger hits. The first was the departure of Krzysztof Mączyński. A flesh-and-blood student, representative of Poland, a player around whom the new Vistula was to be built. And the player who – or so it seemed – would be ideal for the role.

Moreover, Mączyński himself asserted at Canal + that even on an attractive show from Legia, he would not decide to move to Łazienkowska. Everything turned out to be hollow words when in July 2017 Warsaw residents began serious conversations with him. Even the player himself was adamant that Vistula would sell him, although he claimed years later that Marzena S. and the rest of the authorities had done everything to prevent him from staying with Reymont.

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