Vollmart launched its second ‘tough opponent’ in Poland. The offer will be available online soon

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network Full mart It made its debut in Poland on February 24. First a store Open in Siddles. There is now an announcement about the launch of a second facility in Zobsk.

The first Vollmart storeThe first Vollmart discount store is open. The products should be 20 percent cheaper.

The second Volmart fixed-discount store in Zubsk will have a wider range

The second in Poland, the so-called big discount (the name is reserved for discounters who sell directly from pallets or cardboard boxes) Vollmart will open April 29 in the Wiatraki shopping center in Słupsk – to inform the siteCommercial news“This store will offer a wider product range than the Siedlce branch. There will be, among other things,at. Ready meals, canned foods, and frozen canned foods.

Our operating model assumes constant order verification – the store offers only those products that customers value. And those that do not meet this criterion give way to new products from regional producers and foreign suppliers. We have our own strategy to cooperate with suppliers and apply dynamic analysis of prices and movement of goods

– Joanna Wironica Bellica, Director of Procurement at Volmart, said in an interview with the “Wiadomocci Handlowe” service.

We also know that Vollmart plans to expand its position in Poland. The company is already negotiating the opening of new stores in cities of 50,000 people. Residents, and soon it will also be available online

Lidl Store.  Illustrative imageLidl opened a new type of store. “Articles of full value”

Vollmart offers over 1,200 products that are at least 20 percent cheaper.

In February, we reported the launch of the Vollmart chain, which had opened its first store in Siedlce. The company works in so-called tough discounts. It is a type of store in which goods are sold directly from pallets or boxes placed on shelves. This way, the store saves, among other things, ads and newsletters, so you can offer lower prices the prices.

Joanna and Victoria Bellica explained in an interview with next.gazeta.plVollmart will initially offer customers over 1,200 products that are at least 20 percent cheaper. Compared to other stores. At the Vollmart Fixed Discount Store, customers can find a range of basic products, such as dairy products, sweets, meats, sausages, cosmetics, household chemicals, kitchen accessories, and small home appliances. The most demanding customers will also buy branded coffee, spices, and seafood.

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