Warsaw: Govin – Newly made opponent. As has not been the case for the past five years

The agreement leader’s speech at a virtual conference on Saturday brought to mind the only moment in the history of the Third Republic of Poland that the Prime Minister has so far been against his own government. Opposing the Democratic Left Alliance, when Marek Belka found himself on the Democratic PL committee, it happened at the end of the SLT’s power.

Not a word about guiding Pice’s policy

A conscious observer must have seen Cowen’s speech and had the feeling that someone wanted to fool him. For example, while talking about a strong but limited position, and praising such a direction, Cowin did not say a word about how Pice has been working in exactly the opposite direction for five years: elevating the state, strengthening its role unprecedentedly overseeing the economy and citizens, the development of regulation in almost every field. This applies, for example, to the topic of strengthening self-government – here Paes took the opposite direction, with Cowin’s participation.

After all, I would like to remind you that a conservative observer – and Covin repeatedly said during his speech: “We are conservatives” – should be dissatisfied to know that Pais has been pursuing a revolutionary but conservative policy for five years. . Total disrespect to the institutions, to the principles of good law, to the creation of law for the present needs, to the extent that no one in the Third Republic of Poland has ever done so, and thus to the destruction of law and order power – all these are as conservative an understanding of the state and the working rulers as possible. But all of this is not in Gov’s speech. As has not happened in the last five years, or as the leader of the treaty spent them in opposition.

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This raises the question of the credibility of Gov.’s announcements. Yes, it is true that there were personal moments when the Deputy Prime Minister stood in support of the coalition partner. This was also the case in the unfortunate covert elections in May last year, and the idea of ​​removing the 30-fold limit on ZUS contributions – unfortunately yet to come again. I do not count on Gov.’s role in the controversy surrounding the judiciary’s “reform” because the final outcome of this conflict in the summer of 2017 is not very different from the consequences of the actions. Originally proposed by Zbigniew Ziobro.

Gov., however, is far less likely to point to the newly formed opposition, siding with the deputy prime minister and blaming his own government.

Gov. is very close in tone to the conflict against the current government. Wojciech Maksimovich, whose problems undoubtedly reflect tensions within the coalition and the split in the agreement. But this is the result of readable internal battles over personal details and political controversies that are completely irrelevant to the wider audience interested in comments about the use of power, not the fate of this or that MP.

However, we did not ask for any specific ideas, but even at the level of Cowen’s public announcements, he incorporated incompatibility in a characteristic way. He spoke in unison about the importance of entrepreneurship to the agreement and that his party supports “green conservatism” (this is an oxymoron, but this is not the place to analyze it). Meanwhile, the rate of 100% compliance with the EU climate policy – which is consistently declared by the agreement – means enormous costs and problems for Polish business, and for Polish families. They are not balanced in any way by the money of the Just Transition Fund. However, Cowen did not see or did not see the problem.

He says goodbye to Pice, but does not say goodbye, but he will not be happy if he stays

One thing is for sure: the leader of the agreement has already begun to look for his own way, fully realizing that there is no chance of an alliance with Pius during the next elections. The conflict has gone a long way. Saturday’s conference actually appears to be a kind of farewell to the coalition, although it has not yet officially departed. The problem is, the famous proverb about Broniswa Jeremiah fits in with Cowen’s actions over the past five years: when he’s on the stairs, you never know – he’s going down or up. In the new version, Govin is only about himself: he votes in favor, but he is not happy. So Govin says goodbye to Pice, but does not say goodbye, but he would not be happy if he stayed.

During the conference, another strengthening of the agreement was announced – Agnieszka Sikaz and Lek Kokakovsky announced close cooperation between the delegates (although not joining the party). Let us assume that they were inspired by the excellent plan of the Jarosva Gov. party. But even here, there are very questionable moments when it comes to strengthening parliamentary representation after being weakened by Adam Peelan’s revolt.

A few minutes ago, an MP left the Left. The deal was strengthened by Monica Pavowska. At every turn a leap of an anti-clergy group attacking the church declares that the one who determines the values ​​of its leader is sacred teaching. However, John Paul II is a serious game. Pavowska, in his neophyte zeal, was very careless, and on Twitter he recently defended a company that was not liked by most of the poles – the police. She soon recalled that the same policemen had until recently denounced the same policemen who had the respect and confidence for their conduct during the women’s strike.

Pavowska somehow became the symbol of the deal. Migration between groups that are theoretically farthest from each other gives the appearance of a very cyclical maneuver; Unless you think someone has made a dramatic mistake or is completely unaware of which list he is running for parliament.

As for Geopro, fighting for his independent position, the most important program points are clearly visible, and more importantly – you get the impression that Geopro’s people are actually implementing them. Although it is mostly only a bear. Govin, meanwhile, says in his announcements that it is light and moderately credible, which is reflected in the polls, where he lands with Solidarna Bolska as an independent player less than Geopro. On the other hand, the Convention shows that the United Right must believe that elections may take place much sooner than 2023. Perhaps the processes leading to those that are still frozen today due to the epidemic will be accelerated in June and public life will not be paralyzed.

There can be many catalysts – from the process of creating a new treaty (when it is finally awarded) to the law on human rights defenders. However, with the start of this summer, it is doubtful that Gov. will have had time to prepare himself for a completely independent participation in the race.

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