Warsaw. Intimidation extortion “as a CBŚP policeman”. Detention. Car full of money

Five men are facing up to 10 years in prison on suspicion of extorting money using the “CBŚP policeman” method. The fraudsters forced the account and the elderly couple to return the money. A total of 1.7 million PLNs were looted. City center police were able to recover some money and intercepted half a million in the account.

Police in Admiralty received a signal from a colleague from Rodma that an organized criminal group had used the “CBP policeman” method to extort money. Officials at the local provincial headquarters found the trail of a mob operating in Mazovia. Activists in the city and police from the property crime department were involved in the investigation. These activities were overseen by the Admiralty-Benock District Attorney’s Office.

Robert Sumiatta, a press officer with the city police, explains that the close cooperation between the police and the prosecutor’s office allowed them to coordinate operations so that criminals could be arrested more quickly. – In finding and detaining them, every moment counts, because one of the aggrieved parties knew the company was the owner, and its accountant transferred a total of PLN 1.5 million to the bank account numbers indicated by the fraudsters two days ago – Szumiata explains.

Accountant “believed the story”

It also describes how the team members were there to hand over the account money. – The woman believed the story told by a man who claimed to be a police officer from the Central Police Intelligence Bureau, who said the criminals wanted to access a company’s account to seize the funds accumulated there. He firmly believed that he was giving money to a police deposit. Gradually, without the knowledge of the boss, she did everything the swindlers told her to do – Robert Sumiatta insists.

According to police findings, members of the group had previously cheated on an elderly couple from Lublin. They should be persuaded to provide more than 140,000 slots for 83-year-olds, which are life-saving.

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“Money was everywhere”

The first three of those arrested had their accounts – according to police – money taken from the aforementioned company. – Two men, aged 33 and 38, fell while withdrawing money from ATMs. In the car driven by the swindlers, police found a total of more than 157,000 PLNs. Money was really everywhere: in the armrest, in the passenger glove box, in the door panels, in the socket of one of the suspects, and even in a shoe box – describing the policeman.

He adds that the 52-year-old is coordinating the third operation. He and a fourth suspect – a 25-year-old man – are being held in a rented apartment.

– Admiralty police officers not only detained four of the five suspects in the men’s case, but also Warsaw cybercrime police, who have seized more than half a million slots in one account, thus preventing fraudsters from making payments, the city police press release said.

A fifth suspect has fallen into the hands of police in a town in Mazovia. His arrest was made by officers from the municipal police headquarters in Rogo in collaboration with the Radom and Biosk police.

Five people with charges

All five were charged. At the request of the prosecutor’s office, the court decided to suspend the suspects for three months. – The Penal Code for these crimes carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison – says Robert Sumiatta briefly.

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Key Photo Source: KRP I Śródmieście

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