We played mongolus war game – commando is taken very seriously

Before the premiere
April 27, 2021, 4:00 PM

author: Christian Smozna

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One cannot complain about the lack of a strategic tactical strategy in recent times. The War of the Maghreb will soon add three cents to the subject, and we had the opportunity to check out what the spiritual heir of the commando in the business stage would look like.

The game’s premiere has been announced: 2021.

The article is based on the PC version.

RTS Tactical fans who remember the series fondly special forcesThey shouldn’t have had a reason to complain recently. Although this genre never attracted much attention from developers, today does it? One might be tempted to say that it is experiencing a real resurgence after a long period of drought. It turns out, the game released in 2016 was a harbinger of changes Shadow tactics German studio Mimimi, who also managed to dust the series off The villain, Recently delivered the third ?? Thrilling ?? reveal. Sometimes, very complex ones belong to the same group Supporters 1941 And the ?? Star ?? From this article, ie, that were created in Poland Mongolian war. The last two games can be described as the spiritual heirs of the cycle special forcesBecause, like the prototype, it was set in the realities of World War II.

We played War Mongrels - Commando Taken Seriously - Illustration # 1

Welcome to Bunari.

Responsible for the uprising Mongolian war Destructive Creations Studio offered an extensive version of the game for testing, containing two initial episodes from the campaign. The first is a classic educational program that patiently teaches us to use this title, and the second, in turn, has already thrown us into deeper waters, where we can use the acquired skills in practice.

Forced commando

Mongolian war Indeed at the beginning it offers a very surprising approach to the topic, especially when we compare the Polish product to the previously mentioned series. special forces. Ha The heroes are not people specially trained to conduct sabotage operations in the enemy’s rear, but Wehrmacht soldiers who, during one of the skirmishes on the Eastern Front, seize the opportunity and take their feet off the belt. Initially a team from the title ?? Condley ?? It consists exclusively of the fugitives mentioned above. However, soon more dissidents begin to join them, and the first recruitment takes place in the second stage, when Manfred and Ewald Lucas are freed from the fold ?? Member of the Vilnius branch of the Fatherland Army.

As it happens in this genre of games, each hero has unique abilities. Ewald is the typical mussel who can lay opponents with his bare hands, use steady weapons, and kill two goons at the same time with one tulip (bottle, not flower). Manfred is showing more ingenuity in his actions, because his main advantage is the ability to attract opponents in two different ways? Watch with jukebox and whistle. Thinner fugitives can also climb vines and even walls, although in the latter case he must use the help of his friend with broad shoulders. The set of possibilities for both men expands systematically during the game, and as new characters enter the action, the strength of things gives us access to new abilities.

We were playing War of Tones - Commando Taken very seriously - Illustration # 2

Scenes cut between missions have a great atmosphere.

Overall, the gameplay is very similar to what we’ve seen recently Desperadus IIISo fans of Mimimi’s latest work will quickly recognize what’s going on. On each map, we have to implement specific actions, and the specific goals of the champions change depending on the progress made. Enemies are set in smaller specific locations and act in a predetermined manner by the developers, but it is only up to us how to deal with their elimination. Of course, the items scattered here and there that the masters have to collect during the flight, for example distracting, empty bottles, help in completing the mission. The “facilitator”, typical of such games, is also useful, that is, the ability to quickly check what the opponent standing in our way sees.

The game includes a cooperative mode that lets you control two heroes during the mission. However, in the press release, we were unable to test this feature because it has been turned off. There was also a minor issue with saving files because the only way to save the game was through smart auto-save, which didn’t always work as expected. This solution is very ingenious, because in the event of a malfunction, it recreates the state almost immediately by the last action, but it happened that the registration took place in an unfavorable situation, that is, it would have ended in defeat every time. Luckily, there are many car safes out there, so I never got up with my hands in the potty. However, it does not change the fact that the classic fast memorize in such a game is an absolute necessity and I hope so? One will appear.

However, this is where the similarities end, because Mongolian war It is a much more difficult game than its direct competitors. Although I consider myself a veteran of the genre, I sometimes had a hard time coming up with an effective business plan. Aren’t they what ?? Loud problems, but I have to admit that the Gliwice-based company product overcame me, and I wondered more than once what I really should be doing. A good example of this is trying to open the barn in Chapter Two, where the next member of the team, Lucas, takes place (this is basically the game’s first serious challenge). Two obstacles guard the building, and another wanders around, as if that were not enough. Three more Germans sit nearby, who will arrive immediately to get weapons, if what? Violates the applicable system.

We were playing War of Tones - Commando Taken very seriously - Illustration # 3

As usual in this type of game, what the enemy sees and what is not seen is important.

Play in Desperadus III, I often felt as if I was implementing programmed actions according to the will of the developers, because the specific architecture for some stages immediately imposed ready-made solutions and it was enough just to put them into practice. at the same time Mongolian war It’s an entirely different pair of wells in this regard, and you have to be a really careful observer to come up with a plan that has any chance of succeeding.

A big difference is also the issue of open struggle, since Polish production, as previously announced, provides such an opportunity. In theory, the game allows the heroes to access weapons captured by the Germans and shoot on incoming enemies. In practical terms, cutting the path with an introduction is a stubborn dream, and it turns out that the task is impossible if we do not first exclude some opponents in the traditional way, that is, from hiding. I chose one of the locations in Chapter 2 for testing and only tried to reduce the ranks of enemies. Although every time I started a gun battle in a different location, I changed weapons (the heroes have one favorite weapon and don’t want to use others) and tried to be as effective at killing as possible, I was never able to defeat my country. Competitors this way. Champions are unable to take many rounds per frame, so it was me or my companion that was being controlled by the AI. The situation changes of course when the ranks of enemies have been silently exhausted before that time, but this short test showed that despite the best efforts, it could not be played as in hatred. Casual shooting is recommended, but it must continue Mongolian war By force? I don’t see such an option.

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