Weather. Nieżyca is coming to Poland. Showing a winter face rather than genius

Due to the Genoese lowlands, the weather will be winter again. IMGW warns against heavy snowfall Winter jackets are available in many regions of our country.

Than GenoeseIt originated in northern Italy and travels northeast of Europe. The cold front zone will be over Poland in the coming hours. The maximum being in the west and east of the continent would be unfavorable Weather Lasts until Friday.

Weather in Poland. There will be more severe snowfall than Genoese

This synoptic condition often occurs during the warm season and usually causes heavy rainfall over the southern part of our country in the spring and summer (often causing flooding in the mountain rivers). Now, however, he warns that the arrival of cold air mass will pose a major risk for severe snowfall IMGW.

The southern part of the country will experience snowfall from Monday evening. In suede, up to 8 cm of white powder may fall. The maximum temperature in the west where the front zone is located will drop to 7 degrees Celsius. – In the West, winter jackets will be useful – says spokesman Synoptic IMGW Grechcourse Valievsky.

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A devastating blizzard is coming to Poland

It gets significantly colder at night. In the west, the temperature will drop significantly below 0 below. – Valyzevsky says weather forecasters may issue frost warnings. The coldest will be in the province. Sachotniyopomorsky, Lubusky and even in a part of Greater Poland. At night, the rain turns to snow, and eventually snow is expected. To the east of Potlasi, it rains through the Laplin area and Subcarpathia. In the region from Olstein, Kadansk, Astroska and Torres, through the Kozinis and Khalis to Katowice and Obol, it will snow and there will be only snow. Snowfall is most intense in the Sudetes and Carpathians. There it will drop from 5 cm in the shoot to 10-15 cm in the Peskit Zodeki and Iviki and Tatra mountains.

The weather will be spring again on the weekend

On Fridays and Saturdays, it will move eastward, with improved weather and wind temperatures rising to 14 degrees in the north of the country. In the south it will be more cloudy, there will be snowfall and sleet

On Sunday, the weather will improve with the mountain range above Scandinavia. It will be without sun and rain across the country, and air temperatures will range from 8 degrees Celsius in Bottle to 15 degrees Celsius in Mussoorie and Gujavi.

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