WhatsApp changes the rules. Instead of accepting it, switch to Signal

Let us remind you: On Saturday, May 15th, new WhatsApp regulations will go into effect. There are two options. The first is to accept regulations and allow Facebook to manage your data. The second option is to turn down the rules, which would actually render the account useless.


WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions It was supposed to go into effect earlier, but Facebook decided to postpone the deadline shortly after that. No wonder, many users didn’t like the changes. The basic information caused a lot of confusion, because WhatsApp data is now managed by Facebook.

Nobody trusts Facebook anymore when it comes to protecting our privacy. Many users do not want their data to be used by a Facebook marketing machine. We don’t know exactly how this information will be used.

Whatever the intentions of the Facebook creators, managing privacy and security-focused messaging software data seems like a silly idea to many of us. After all, from this type of application, we ask that this data does not become the property of anyone, and it is better not to collect it.


Currently, the data package discussed includes the following information:

  • Device ID
  • User ID
  • Advertising data
  • Date of purchase
  • Approximate location
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Links
  • Interact with the product
  • Error data
  • Performance data
  • Diagnostic data
  • Payment data
  • customers service
  • Product interaction
  • Other User Content

They are the ideal combination to create an advertising profile. Can WhatsApp be turned into another targeted advertising platform? This is possible, because it is what this amount of data needs, plus it is stored on Facebook’s servers. Do not agree to the new WhatsApp terms and conditions? He is not the only caller in the world. I’ve recommended Signal before And I’m doing it again.

There is an alternative – uninstall WhatsApp and go to Signal

Signal is a free messaging service developed by a non-profit organization that cannot be sold to third parties. One of the people who support the development of this app is Brian Acton, one of the founders of WhatsApp messenger. Since Signal is developed by an organization, there is no problem verifying its source code.


Signal operates on an open source basis. Experts can at any time analyze whether the communication device has back doors. So we can ensure that user data does not reach third parties. Moreover, they do not go directly to the service operator.

All messages, photos, documents and all user data are subject to end-to-end encryption. Signal doesn’t have conversations in the cloud, either. Hence, its creators are not even able to verify what the service users are talking about. Moreover, they are not even able to determine if two people are in contact with each other.

The aforementioned lack of cloud storage means that we will not access the same chat from another device. The history is only saved in the phone memory, so even if data is lost, we will not be able to restore it, except for the encrypted backup option.

Signal offers similar features to WhatsApp. Recently, there is also the possibility of making group video calls, in which up to 8 people can participate. Similar to WhatsApp, it allows you to send GIFs or stickers and of course photos or recordings. Signal comes with an app for Android, iOS, web browsers, and macOS.


What if I switch to Signal – do I have to delete my account?

If you haven’t agreed to the WhatsApp regulations yet, then that is actually enough to uninstall the app. Messenger owners report that they will delete all accounts that will be inactive for 120 days. If you are sure that you do not need to return to WhatsApp, you can also delete the account yourself in the application.

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