Who is My Current 3.0 for? Those who benefited from previous programs may also excel

The call for proposals in “My Electricity” 3.0 is due to start on July 1 – we found out about this at the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Who will be able to use it? Not just those who are planning to invest in photovoltaic panels. People who benefit from previous releases of electricity – will also be able to continue!

Employment in the government program “My current” that guarantees co-financing of pro-consumer photovoltaic installations Initially planned from July 1 to the second half of December 2021 (With the possibility of an extension (or even running out of funds – the Ministry of Climate informed us.

Support up to 5000 PLN?

In the first and second editions of “Moje Prąd”, the subsidy in the form of the subsidy covered up to 50 percent. Eligible costs for precision installations included in the project, but not more than 5000 PLN for a single project. Will the situation be the same in the third hiring?

Work is underway on the detailed terms of the program, and the amount of co-financing for the individual components is agreed upon

We were informed by the Department of Education and Communication at the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

They got into public opinion for quite some time Information about the possibility of extending the current scope of the program, including o charging points, home energy management system, energy storage. We asked the ministry what it will look like in the third version of the program, and will the amount of funding be the same in these cases?

It is also planned to support projects that consist of purchasing and installing charging stations, purchasing and installing energy management systems for the needs of an apartment building and heat / cooling storage systems (such as hot utility water tank, heat / cold storage) intended for use in the home for purposes of the beneficiary, provided that the project is implemented. Which consists of purchasing, installing and operating PV installations or PV installations that are already in operation (devices must be installed as new, and manufactured within 24 months prior to installation)

– We were given.

The co-financing amount for each component should differ due to the different market rates for these items. He added, “These issues are in the negotiation stage, and final decisions will be taken in the near future.”

Whose support?

The co-financing from Muji Electricity will go to natural persons who produce electricity to meet their special needs, and who have concluded a comprehensive agreement governing issues related to the introduction of electricity generated in small enterprises into the grid. These persons will be able to take advantage of the co-financing to purchase and install PV installations and / or additional components for the self-consumption of the generated electricity.

According to the assumptions adopted, the “My Electricity” program will be funded from European Union funds from the instrument, where the eligible costs are expenditures incurred in the period from 01/02/2020 to 31/12/2023.

Applicants who purchased the installation prior to the announcement of the call for applications – but after 31/01/2020 – will be able to benefit from co-financing after fulfilling the other conditions specified in the program. The funded projects will be funded and linked to the DSO (Distribution System Operator) network – the ministry explains.

In the third version of the program, the installation power range will be preserved, which ranges from 2 to 10 kW.

Another subsidy for the beneficiaries of previous releases

We learned that the beneficiaries of the “Electricity” or “Clean Air” programs will be able to benefit from the next electricity issue. On what conditions?

Beneficiaries who received a subsidy under the first or second call to submit applications for co-financing projects from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management under the “My Current” priority program or beneficiaries who received funding for small photovoltaic installations under the “Clean Air Program -” It is possible that they will be able to benefit from the assistance, but only within the scope of co-financing of additional items (Purchase and installation of a charging station, procurement and installation of energy management systems for residential building needs, and heat / cooling storage systems (such as hot utility water tank, heat / cold storage) – Provided that none of the listed items qualify for double financing

– The ministry told us.

Work on the program is still ongoing, so final terms will be announced soon. Details of the third edition of “My Electrician” and the expected budget for its implementation will be announced soon.

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