Wilfredo Leon made an emotional comment on Heineen’s dismissal. “We’ll win something else together.”

Heynen was released on Thursday. Decision of Gino Sirchi, owner of Sir Safety, Perugia The experts and journalists were surprisedBecause the team still plays for the Italian championship, the Belgian quit his job after defeating Cosin Loeb Civitanova in at least three final matches.

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The trainer decided to comment on the whole situation via Twitter. “I just called my team goodbye,” he said. I told them I was proud after this great year, despite the difficulty. My team deserves the title. We were preparing yesterday and I left them with the idea that we would come back from defeat. Now, even from afar, they will feel that I am supporting them – Heineen wrote. Entry in full looks as if the coach hadn’t broken up with the team at all, but he felt like he was part of it.

Wilfredo Leon upon the release of Heinen from Perugia. Thank you for all the advice and support.

Until release Henina One of the best volleyball players in the world commented, Wilfredo LeonHe is closely associated with the Belgian coach as he currently plays with Sir Safety Perugia as well Polish national team Conducted by the coach.

Thank you for all the advice and support you gave me during these two years. I learned a lot from you. Some people told me that it would be difficult for us to spend a lot of time together because we also work together in the national team. But we’re still alive and it wasn’t that bad. Soon we’ll be seeing each other on Spaia and hopefully we’ll win something together this year – Leone wrote in his Instagram report.

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Perugia will play the second final against Loeb on Sunday, April 18th at 18:00. The competition lasted to three wins, and the former Heynen team’s rivals won the first match 3: 1. Current Belgian assistant Carmine Fontana will remain as interim coach of Perugia until the end of the season.

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Vital Heinen has been coach of Perugia since 2019. He won the National Super Cup twice. As of 2018, he is also coach of the Polish national team. Now he can take care of the preparation peacefully staff For the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Earlier, on May 25 – June 23, the Poles will participate in the Nations Volleyball League – a tournament played in a special bubble created in Rimini, Italy.

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