Will Bais representatives be fined? There are three names

Probably next week, the Pseudomonas Presidium will decide on the outcome of the vote against the Approval Act – Piece Deputy Spokeswoman Radoswa Fokiel said on Saturday.

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Three paise MPs against approval

On Tuesday, the SEZ adopted an action approving the EU’s decision to increase its own resources. Reconstruction Fund. Of the 231 MPs from the Pice Club who voted – 211 were in favor of the endorsement. Despite the discipline, 20 MPs from the club were against it, including 17 MPs representing Solidarity Poland and three MPs from Bais.

Will there be repercussions? Vicerzecznik Comments

When asked by Fokiel on the third Polish radio show “Trajka for Breakfast”, Pies responded that the club members would be affected if they behaved differently than most of the club:

These will be the club’s presidential decisions, probably next week.

As he stressed, the delegates, because of their discipline, had to “calculate the consequences”. When asked about the nature of these effects, he insisted that he was a ranking member of the club and not owned by its officers.

There are parliamentary orders, there are party orders. When the Presidium makes such a decision, I will let you know and I will be happy to inform you about it.

– Deputy Spokesman spokesman said.

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