Will Michał Wiśniewski become a father again? “The epidemic is doing its job!”

  • Michał Wiśniewski recently got a new tattoo, which has become the subject of rumors to his fans about the birth of another child.
  • The leader of Ich Troje finally decided to go back to the whole thing
  • The musician decided to treat her with humor

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Michel Winiewski And his fifth wife, Paula, a few days ago They celebrated their first wedding anniversary. In January of this year, the musician and his mysterious partner had their first son together Falco Amadeusa. For Michał Wiśniewski, this is the fifth consolation, because the musician has a son from previous marriages, Xavier Michał and three daughters: Fabienne Marta, Etienette Anna, and Vivienne Vienna.

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On the occasion of the birth of Falco, the leader of Ich Troje decorated his body with another tattooWhich shows the child’s birthdate and the letter “F”, suggesting a direct reference to Falco. Musician or instrumentalist However, he showed another tattooThat was incomplete. We see the letter “C” and the date waiting for completion. All this may indicate that Wiśniewski’s fifth wife is expecting another child. The artist alone Heating the atmosphere, Adding that “the picture speaks for itself.”

Photo: Instagram / wisniewska_pola

Michel Winiewski

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Michai Vinevsky responded to rumors of another child. “The epidemic is doing its job!”

After the above photo was posted, fans immediately began to congratulate the musician. Do you like it or not, Finally, Winevsky was forced to point out the rumors circulating about him. The leader of Ich Troje decided to approach the matter with humor. he is called, He posted a photo on Instagram with a badly bloated bellyWhich puts the son of the singer Xavier his ear and his hand.

Rumors about another pregnancy in the family are greatly exaggerated, but … the epidemic is doing its job!“- Michał Wiśniewski jokedAdd hashtags to the description: “Pregnant Man,” “Diet Time,” and “Out of Outfits.”

Fans of the musician enthusiastically responded to the post of the funny musician, who also decided to joke in the comments.

“Carrying beer with your master?” , “I think you’ll give birth to a kebab”, “is it a food lamb?” Hahaha, the diet will be good for you! – netizens commented amused.

Photo: Paweł Wrzecion / MW Media

Michel Winiewski

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