Winds and storms and frosts in the coming days. Where to look for the weather

The Meteorological and Water Management Agency issued first-degree warnings against strong winds in the southern districts of the provinces: Lower Silesia, Silesian I Low Polish.

The average wind speed from the southwest and south should be 20-45 km / h and 75-80 km / h.

In Lower Silesia and Silesia, the alerts are valid from Tuesday 20-22, they expire at midnight on Wednesday in Monopolska.

Wednesday threat forecast

Wednesday’s thunderstorms could turn into a threat. Synoptics of the Meteorological and Water Management Company plans to issue warnings against them in the following voidships: Potassium (Everywhere, except the bovians at the northern ends of the region) Masovsky, Laplin, Więtokrzyskie, Dź Province, Silesian, Low Polish, Sub Carpian.

In addition, a strong wind blows. Alarms About Voyotoships: Pomeranian, Western Pomeranian Voidoship, Greater Poland I Lubuski.

Threat threat forecast on Thursday

You can also feel the strong wind the next day. IMWM plans to provide alerts on voiceships Pomeranian I Western Pomeranian Voidoship (In North Boviets).

Friday threat forecast

Friday – according to IMGW Synoptics – frost may return. They are predicted in the following voyotoships: Potassium, Province of Warmia-Masuria, Pomeranian, Western Pomeranian Voidoship, Lubusky Voidoship, Greater Poland, Guavian-Pomeranian Voidoship, Dź Province, Więtokrzyskie, Sub Carpian, Low Polish, Silesian, Opol I Lower Silesia.

What is a threat forecast?

By IMWM definition, a hazard forecast is a weather forecast used to inform the public early about the possibility of a dangerous weather event.

What is a first degree weather warning?

By IMWM definition, first-level warning provides optimal conditions for the occurrence of dangerous weather events that can cause material losses and pose a threat to health and life. It is difficult and dangerous to take action in conditions that reveal these factors. Delays due to road traffic obstructions, disruptions during outdoor events or the potential for cancellation can be expected to lead to problems in taking action in a dangerous area. Caution is recommended, news and weather developments should be followed.

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