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Even though Wisła Kraków made a living in Ekstraklasa, the club is hot. The fate of Peter Hibala is doomed to failure, and there will also be major changes in the team. There is likely to be a crowd-pleasing transition. Who is he about?

The atmosphere in Wisa Krakow is very tense. There is a huge disappointment in the club on several levels. Of course, the most urgent point is the coach’s issue. You can already see that the idea with Peter Hyballa in Wisła did not work and that the German will bid farewell to the club after the season.

Although no official decision has yet been made, the handle is taken, it suffices to read between the lines. Interviews with Jan Carlos, Ravay Bogoski, and above all the gesture of Jakob Boachikovsky, who overtook Hibala after scoring a goal in the match against Lech, and ran to Kazimierz Komechik – these are all clear signs of what will happen after the last match with Piast Glyphs.

Conversions will go like from Płatek?

However, our information shows that the changes will be deeper. We’ve heard for quite some time that Wisła Kraków is too seductive for Artur Patek, Górnik Zabrze’s sports director. There is a vacancy in this position in Visua, which many would consider a mistake. This is the way FC Krakow makes transfers that do not convince many of their fans.

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