Wolverhampton declared himself the champion of England. Reaction to the creation of the Football Premier League

On the night of Sunday to Monday, the construction plan was officially confirmed Premier League. The football situation is very bad. He has lost 400 million riyals since the start of the epidemic euroAnd all the tournaments affiliated with the Egyptian Chefs Association, worth five billion euros. As the top clubs from Spain, England and Italy, we had to find a solution – said Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid and co-founder of the Premier League, at Spanish studio MEGA TV.

A sudden shock!  Chelsea and Manchester City may withdraw from the Premier LeagueA sudden shock! Chelsea and Manchester City may withdraw from the Premier League

Everton Purposeful Statement

Among the English clubs, they are among the founders of the Super League ArsenalAnd the ChelseaAnd Liverpool and both Manchester and Tottenham. Other teams are showing up on a daily basis at Premier League They loudly express their dissatisfaction with this idea.

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Superliga was born, conflicts of interest in the background. “UEFA has a problem with clubs that want to make money without it.”

And he has already issued a statement in this regard Everton. Liverpool authorities have called on the founders of the Premier League to seriously consider joining the new tournament. We read “this ridiculous arrogance that no one wants in the world of football, except for the clubs that drew up the plan.”

Wolverhampton declares himself the England champion for the 2018/2019 season

In another way, the confusion decided to take advantage of Wolverhampton. “The official account,” reads the club’s profile at Moulino Stadium on Twitter Wolverhampton Hikers. winner Premier League 2018/2019 The club subsequently added the entry which “It may be too late to review the tournament”.

A clear position of Gianni Infantino! A clear position of Gianni Infantino! “I don’t give permission”

In the 2018/19 season, Wolverhampton finished seventh in the league table. The top six teams occupied the top six, which were among the founders of the Premier League.

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