Police said the murder was carefully planned. Seven missiles were killed by Jehorius Caraivas.

Local police said Friday that a prominent Greek criminal journalist has been killed in Athens. Georgios Caraivas worked for Star TV’s commercial channel and was known mainly for reporting on legal and police matters. He was killed by two motorcyclists near his home in the southern Alimos district of the Greek capital.

Police said the perpetrators fired several shots at the journalist. Karaivas was killed by seven bullets, while a total of seventeen bullet cases were found at the scene. Police in the area said they did not hear anything, and it is believed the shooting was carried out from a quiet weapon.

Government spokesman Aristotle Belloni is shocked by these events. “Authorities have already begun an investigation to catch the culprits and bring them to justice,” he stressed.

Police say the murder was apparently carefully planned, but the motive is not yet known. “It was an efficient hanging,” said an unnamed police officer.

These events are most reminiscent of the case of journalist Socrates Giolias, who was assassinated eleven years ago, and killed in front of his house with 16 shots. Then an extreme left terrorist organization appeared guilty.

EU Commissioner for Values ​​and Transparency Vera Jurov expressed her condolences on Twitter and expressed concern about what happened. As he wrote, justice must be done in this matter and the safety of journalists must be ensured.

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There is no word on Slovakia's acquittal for the murder of journalists

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With the aftermath of the murder of a journalist who rewrote the entire domestic politics, the release in Slovakia came as a surprise, as the accused, businessman Marion Cogner, who testified, has already been sentenced to 19 years in prison for another case.

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