Xiaomi’s coolest smartphone confirms to be an investment for many years!

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold is an amazing smartphone with a foldable screen, but is it durable enough? This was verified in a special test, which was passed by the flagship with flying colors.

Flexible phones A bright future awaits What they point to Estimated sales reports And … common sense. We still strive to miniaturize electronics, so after proper optimization of flexible arrays and price cuts, foldable smartphones will become a popular choice for most ManiaKs.

Willingly, however We may not have a choice Samsung is already abandoning the classic Galaxy Note models in favor of curved smartphones, so what will happen in a few years? There may be times when manufacturers are reluctant to show off traditional smartphones, even though today it sounds more like science fiction.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold and bend over for 10 years

Fortunately, efficiency Folders It’s getting better, as evidenced by Xiaomi’s test on the great Mi Mix Fold. As you rightly guessed, the 8.01 inch AMOLED screen was under stress, which was bent on failure.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

Foot. Xiaomi

The result exceeded expectations because the smartphone It has withstood 400,000 mechanical bends. It is true that we cannot directly apply the machine test to human movements, but the results are still impressive.

In practice, this can mean up to 10 years in good shape. So the Mi Mix Fold is a long-term investment And it certainly won’t age quickly, considering its modern design and reasonable components can operate successfully for several tens of months.

10 years with one smartphone that looks attractive and economicalBut which ManiaK will last so often, as many of us replace our phones several times a year? Finally, the time will come on Mi Mix Fold, and its place will be in the trash – if this happens 10 years ago, we can be nearly sure its screen will still be there. Flashed.

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