Zbigniew Boniek reveals his plans after leaving PZPN. Football “I hope”

On Thursday, April 15th, Roma will have a chance to qualify for the semi-finals European Championships. In the first match, the team, led by Paolo Fonseca, beat Ajax Amsterdam 2-1. Before the rematch, the head of the Italian team spoke about the situation in the Romanian team Polish Football Association, Zbigniew Bunyck. The Roma legend revealed his plans for the future and what he thinks about Paulo Fonseca.

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Where will Zbigniew Boniek work after his term at PZPN ends? The president revealed the secret

Zbigniew Boniek He will preside over the Polish Football Association until September 30, 2021. This is a government decision made due to the transfer of the two biggest events – Euro 2020 I The Olympic Games in Tokyo. The terms of office of the powers of many sports federations in Poland are modified with the Olympic Games.

President PZPN He revealed to the Italian radio station that he wanted to work after working for the Polish federation. – After the EURO tournament ends, I will be free and I hope to work for it UEFY – He announced.

Boniek was also asked if he had received job offers in Rome. – The last person to give me something binding is Mrs. Rosella Sensi (she was Executive Director in 1993-2008, and in 2008-2011 she was President of Rome – Editorial note). I declined because I knew he was going to end his adventure at the club soon, and I love working with the future in mind – he said.

Boniek is sure to upgrade AS Roma. “I love Fonseca work”

We are the media Italy They announce it Paulo Fonseca After the season he will stop being Roma coach. According to Pole, this is not the best solution. Plus – Ajax is strong, but it does have its problems. It would be a mistake to think of 0-0 in this match. I am convinced Roma will qualify for the semi-finals European Championships. Love Fonseca’s work, even if the club thinks it’s lately a drop out. Now he was alone. If you can’t target someone like Peppa GuardioliI’ll think twice before making a decision, he added.

It is possible that the European League will be Roma’s only chance grê Next year Champions League. Led by Paulo Fonseca, the club is seventh in the standings with 54 points, seven points behind fourth. Atalante Bergamo. The Roma-Ajax match will start on April 15, 2021, at 21:00.

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